To be a premier direct to consumer Furniture and Home Décor brand in the USA.

Our Mission

Work persistently to provide customers with the most fashion forward, cost efficient, safe and reliable products imaginable with quick proper delivery by our carriers and easy self assembly while maintaining impeccable service, selection, and quality.

Safeguarding for our future

Naomi Home has a strong commitment to the creation of a sustainable society and is committed to doing our part to increase sustainability, thereby achieving growth of its businesses, boosting its corporate value, and consistently meeting the expectations of all stakeholders.

Compliance & Safety

Naomi Home adheres to all applicable testing, labeling, laws, rules and best practices for the health and safety of our customers. Products are tested where applicable by certified labs and inspected prior to shipment by third party inspection.


Jacob Weiss


Jacob Weiss brings a powerful combination of experience and innovation to the commerce and retail world. With more than 20 years of expertise, Mr. Weiss was one of the early pionners to drive the transition from traditional mom and pop retail stores to the robust ecommerce platforms of today.

Jason Glover

Product Development

15 Years of eCommerce Sales, CRM, Marketing, SEO, Image and Graphics, Operations, Product, Materials and Manufacturing knowledge Jason is positioned as the optimal individual to grow our exclusive product lines with our manufacturer partners.

Jesse LaRose


Jesse has fostered many great new relationships and Jesse’s expertice in automating the flow of new vendor data drives continued company growth and success.

Richard Dun

Manager | China Dev

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