Q: Can I purchase products directly from your online catalogue on
A: No. does not directly sell any products. You can use on any of our partner sites listed on the product pages to buy our products.

Q: How can I order replacement parts?
A: Naomi Home does not, directly or through any of its partners, sell replacement parts for any of our products.


Q: How much weight can Naomi Home Gliders hold?
A: Naomi Home gliders can accommodate up to 220 pounds.

Q: Are the cushions removable?
A: Yes, the cushions are removable.

Q: Can the cushions be cleaned?
A: Yes, the cushions for the glider are ‘spot cleanable’ with a damp towel.

Q: What material are the cushions?
A: The cushions vary from polyester to microfiber. It depends on the cushion type and color.

Q: Do the gliders lock or recline?
A: The Swivel Glider line, (Odelia, Sophia, Comfy Recliner) can recline. Our line of special Multi-position Gliders can recline and lock at various positions. Regular Glider and Ottoman sets cannot recline or lock.


Q: Do platform Beds come with Mattresses?
A: No. Our platform beds do not come with mattresses

Q: Are the frames made or metal?
A: Yes, The platform bed frames are made of metal.

Q: Does the Adjustable Bed come with a remote control?
A: Yes, a remote control is provided.

Q: Is a mattress provided with the bed?
A: No, A mattress is not included with the Bed

Q: Are the Desk, book-shelf and other components inter-changeable?
A: Yes. The components under the bed can be freely interchanged. The ladder is also reversible and can be used on either side of the bed.