Naomi Home Freestanding Cheval Floor Mirror

MSRP $399.99

This Naomi Home Cheval Floor Standing Mirror has an appealing modular design. This cheval floor mirror can be used in different positions and locations in the house. It is a highly flexibile mirror. You are not restricted to place this Naomi home freestanding cheval floor mirror in just one location in the house. You are free to move it around if you want. While you are trying to put on a new costume, you can see and admire yourself in this full length cheval floor standing mirror …Your living area would be made to look a lot brighter by this mirror. It has a sleek and contemporary appearance. It gets additional elegance from the faux wooden frame which is present around the mirror. Make use of this cheval floor mirror to enhance the aesthetic appeal your bedroom.

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VERSATILE DESIGN- This is a standalone full length cheval floor mirror which can be placed in a variety of locations and positions in the house. It can adapt to any room.

SOPHISTICATED LOOK- Even though this cheval floor standing mirror has a simple design, It appears more sophisticated because of its modern design.

ERGONOMIC DESIGN – The faux wooden frame present around the mirror makes it look elegant and durable. It has a built-in easel which enables this cheval floor mirror to stand on its own.

PRODUCT DIMENSIONS – 1″ D x 28″ W x 72″ H/L, Weight: 39 LB

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Black, Cherrry, Cream, Espresso, Gray, Natural, Silver, White


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