Naomi Home Rhoda Mobile Whiteboard Easel Room Divider

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Naomi Home Rhoda Mobile Whiteboard Easel Room Divider introduces your typical office whiteboard with legs made to fit comfortably into any space. Multifuncational, you can bring this whiteboard into your personal space or office meetings to gather your most creative ideas.?

Our premium magnetic dry erase white board was designed to help you make homeschooling or office presentations more interactive and fun. The large whiteboard can be used horizontally or vertically, allowing you to draw, plan your ideas, and make amazing presentations for your kids or colleagues. The whiteboard has a lightweight construction that allow you to move it around with ease, which also makes storing a lot easier.

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ADJUSTABLE HEIGHT: This height of this U-stand Whiteboard can be adjusted to any height making this a versatile dry erase whiteboard for kids and adults alike. The board can be rotated modestly to adjust viewing and writing angle for greater comfort.

MAGNETIC: The user-friendly magnetic surface is useful to place notes, papers and other presentation materials to better share ideas and organizing content. 6 Magnets are included with the whiteboard.

USER FRIENDLY: This standing marker board comes has attached marker stand which useful to place the markers and erasers for convenience, making this a perfect addition to any setting including Home, Office, Classroom or just about anywhere.

STURDY & PORTABLE DESIGN: The design ensures the whiteboard stays in place when writing. The light weight construction makes this easily portable whiteboard.

PRODUCT DIMENSIONS – 23.60D” x 35.40H”


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