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11 Styling Ideas For A Bed Frame Without Headboard

Wow! This summer felt much better than the last! As you look forward to welcoming fall and holiday seasons, it is about the best time to work on that long pending upgrade to your bed. As you consider various options and configurations, it is quite understandable if you are wondering if a headboard is mandatory. The short answer is, No. Styling a bed frame without a headboard opens up a lot more possibilities for you to decorate and style your room. Truth be told, you can also take it a step further. You can get creative with the space available above your bed and completely personalize the ambiance in your bedroom.

Sounds interesting? Here are 11 ideas for decorating the space behind your bed with no headboard.

A Stylish Mirror

A Bed Frame Without Headboard

A mirror on the wall is the fairest of them all! Mirrors are a timeless choice for a bed without a headboard. A large bevel wall mirror would add brightness and character to your bedroom even as the space feels expanded. Get an octagonal mirror and you can create a geometric pattern that adds a unique visual appeal.

A Bed Frame Without Headboard

Wall Photo Gallery

A collection of photos from a variety of occasions is sure to bring happy memories any time of the day. What better place to hang an assortment of these memorable snaps than the wall behind your wooden platform bed. You are sure to wake up feeling pleased and retire every day with pleasant memories.

Large Artwork

Indulge your refined taste and creativity with a grand piece of artwork and create a sophisticated impact.  You could choose to cover the entire wall with a large canvas and scenery reminding you of your dream destination. Or you could hang a collection of classic artwork to add variety.

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Elegant Tapestry

Make an impression with elaborately crafted fabrics and add color and texture to the background by hanging a good-looking wall tapestry. With intricate patterns, you can add a graphic element to pack a punch as you enjoy Netflix marathons in bed.

Curtains With Accent Lighting

Gracefully patterned curtains with brilliant accent lighting are perfect to set a relaxed ambiance in your bedroom. Enjoy the dreamy effect by using sheer fabric inspired by Hollywood movies. You would notice your mood improve as you settle back on your adjustable bed and enjoy a massage.

Designer Wallpaper

When you consider wallpaper options, grand colorful floral designs are very popular. An alternative would be a black and white floral design. A large mural of beachside or hilltop creates a picture-perfect backdrop that you can carry with you into your sleep!

Classic Window

Enjoy the beautiful scenery and cheerful vibes of your outdoors by using your window as the backdrop for your bed. This would be particularly comforting when you are nursing or undergoing injury rehab on your adjustable bed. On the other hand, you can bring a rustic charm with a window inspired by vintage farmhouse designs.

A Bed Frame Without Headboard

Floating Shelves

Floating shelves are a great option if you like to regularly refresh your bedroom decorations. Enjoy the creative freedom to reorganize a variety of artwork, accessories, collectibles, and more on these shelves. You can also add photo frames, sconce lamps, clocks, and knick-knacks for that added effect complementing your platform bed.

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Exposed Brick Wall

Love your trips to the woods and visiting country cottages? Bring the same effect to your bedroom with an exposed brick wall and impress your friends with your Instagram stories! A monochrome brick wall lets you deliver a minimalist and understated elegance with a simple metal platform bed.

Wall Plants

Greenery brings a natural touch anywhere at home and is a great choice for the wall background with your bed. Yes, it’s time to create that surreal environment you have read about in fables! Indoor creepers or shrubs can be enhanced with a few colorful flowers and you would enjoy sleeping in your garden!

Plain Wall With No Frills

Sounds simple? A plain no-frills wall can have a remarkable calming effect on you. You can use nightstands to shift decorative visual effects away from your bed to keep it clutter-free. Use this to amplify a minimalist vibe or deliver a sophisticated and modern ambiance.

A Bed Frame Without Headboard

Wow! There are quite a few ways to furnish a bed frame without a headboard. All you need for stamping your class on it is to imagine it and you can get it done…something to excite you and make you feel good every time you step into your private den; Your Bedroom!

Wishing you a good night’s sleep, every night!