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5 Out Of The Box Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

It is the season of love, you can feel it in the air and you want to make it unforgettable. Valentine’s day is all the more special as you get to exclusively cherish the relationship between you and your partner. You want Valentine’s day gift ideas that remind your partner of your gesture well after the big day. If this feels overwhelming and you are having a hard time deciding what to buy, you are not alone!

Since working from home is the new normal, a gift that enriches your partner’s time at home would be perfect. A carefully chosen piece of furniture could feel like a lifestyle upgrade for your partner while improving the décor. And it gets even better. Your imprint is visible every time your partner uses it and it could make your together-time that much better.

Sounds exciting but wondering where to start? Here are a few pieces of furniture that you can choose from.

Luxurious Velvet Chairs for ‘Her’

When it comes to living the good life, huddling on the lush velvet of a spacious chair is as good as it gets! Get a pair of traditionally designed velvet living room chairs as Valentine’s day gift for her and upgrade the décor. Experience the joy of watching movies together or endless conversations as you comfortably relax. Alternatively, you can create excitement with an accent armchair that has a geometrical design and contemporary styling. If you love your PS4, you can also sit back on these chairs and enjoy a few hours of fun.

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

Framed Floor Mirrors Bring Out ‘Her’ Inner Diva

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas; framed standing mirror

Wouldn’t it be fun to practice a few dance steps with your partner in front of a full-length floor mirror? And nothing can beat doing this on valentine’s day! A framed floor mirror would bring a smile to her every morning as she wakes up to the bright images on it. She would love the extra depth it creates in the ambiance and options she gets to upgrade her bedroom furnishing. A tufted full-length mirror frame adds chic variety to the décor and creates special effects with the right frame color. Take the joy of dressing up a few notches for her and be prepared to wait a lot longer! Better still, join in (whenever she lets you!) and perfectly coordinate your outfits for that important party.

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

Pullout Sofa for ‘His’ Pad

A spacious and comfy sofa would be a great place to spend quality time together on Valentine’s day! Enjoy the convenience of not having to shift to a bed after a movie marathon by getting him a pullout sofa. A reversible sleeper sofa gives you the added advantage of rearranging the room quickly when you try a new set up. You can do all these without losing floor space and you would always have an extra bed handy for sleepovers. With convenient storage space in the chaise, this Valentine gift for him is one for the ages.

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

Recliners For Outdoorsy Fun

If he loves the outdoors and likes his time in the sun, get him a pair of all-weather recliners. Set them up on a closed patio or deck and spend a laid back day together on February 14th. Order take out food and it would feel a lot more relaxed as you unwind together! Watch his face light up as he settles down on a zero-gravity recliner and enjoys a lazy afternoon nap. Portable and foldable recliners easily fit in car trunks and would be reliable companions on every trip to the beach.  Enjoy your weekend games at the neighborhood stadium and cheer for your favorite teams on these versatile outdoor recliner chairs.

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

Transform The Home Office

When home (Office) is where the heart is for your partner, improved home workplace set up could be life-changing! If he spends most of his day on zoom calls at his workstation, get him an ergonomic office chair. When he is always looking for his things, he would love an office cabinet that lets him organize his space. The relief he feels and his improved productivity would show.

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

On the other hand, she would fancy the flexibility to indulge her penchant for multi-tasking with a tall desk chair.  A wall-mounted whiteboard lets her get her TO-DO lists in order and she would love it when stuff gets done! Have a good time as her mood lightens and a jolly spirit infects your home.

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

So it’s easy as pie. Simple Valentine’s day gift ideas to tweak home furnishing can make your partner feel special on your big day. You would be surprised by how it just takes a tiny spark to elevate your relationship from good to great. Happy Valentine’s day!