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Artificial Christmas Tree To Create Lifelong Memories


It’s been a long year of staying indoors and social distancing. Wouldn’t it be great to get some fun and excitement going as the holiday season approaches? A beautiful Christmas decoration is just what you need to uplift the spirits. And it always starts with the tree. You can wrap those gifts, take great care to hang those stockings by the chimney, and arrange a few elves. But it’s the Christmas tree that makes the spectacular centerpiece of your home décor during the holiday season. A real Christmas tree takes a lot of effort to water, sweep, trim, and vacuum the needles off the floor. Sounds like a lot of effort? Here’s another way. You can make the same or better impact and elicit a few “Wow”s with an artificial Christmas tree. With the variety of sizes, features available with faux Christmas trees, there is always a unique piece waiting for you. Don’t worry if you are feeling spoiled for choice and wondering which one to pick. Here are five simple steps to choosing the best artificial Christmas trees to create lifelong memories, based on your requirements.

Think about the Space

The first consideration is quite simple. The Christmas tree needs to fit in the space you have identified for it! So consider the height of the ceiling but also measure the area available and distance from other objects. Choose a tree height that leaves at least 6 inches gap from the tip of the tree to the ceiling. You also need to consider the other furniture in the space and how the Christmas tree would affect the ambiance. In a contemporarily styled apartment where a frosted look would accentuate the decor, go for a slim frosted Christmas tree. You can choose a taller artificial Christmas tree in a medium or large-sized home.

Artificial Christmas Tree To Create Lifelong Memories, Naomi Home Pre-Lit Snow Frosted Christmas Tree

Decide the Style

While there are a ton of variations for the faux needles, three styles are common, viz. fir, pine, and spruce. Choose a fir to mimic naturally available needles and create a fuller look with a traditionally styled Christmas tree. You can add variety by choosing spouts, which have four-sided and pointy needles. You can also try thinner needles with artificial pines, some of which also mimic the natural aroma of pines. A sparse style is another option to give your artificial Christmas tree a lifelike appearance and trendy vibe.

Artificial Christmas Tree To Create Lifelong Memories; Naomi Home Christmas Tree

Choose the Shape

For a traditional look that is like what you find in the woods, choose a larger, organically shaped artificial Christmas tree. In a larger room, go for a fuller look with extendable branches that can be conveniently fluffed out. A slimmer shaped Christmas tree is apt when you don’t want to take up floor space, like in a foyer. When available space is limited and you still want a full look, go for a flat back. Place it beside a wall or in a corner and only the visible portion would occupy floor space.

Artificial Christmas Tree To Create Lifelong Memories; Naomi Home Snow Frosted Christmas Tree

Pick your Color

Want to be most realistic? A style that combines dark and light shades of green and brown is what you need for your artificial Christmas tree. If you want a uniform shade of green for an aesthetic, elegant finish to the Christmas decoration, choose a monotone. There are many shades of green from dark to light and any number of variations in between to choose from. If you want to step away from the crowd, there are other color options to blend in with your interiors. A pink Christmas tree would be perfect for your little girl who likes all things pink. Alternatively, create the effect of snow with white flocked Christmas trees. This is your opportunity. Get creative and anything goes, from purple to silver; what matters is how you want your room to look.

Artificial Christmas Tree To Create Lifelong Memories; Naomi Home Contemporary Christmas Tree

Add Lighting

A Christmas tree with lights is a vivid memory that we all carry! Christmas tree lights normally come pre-wired in most faux Christmas trees. This way, you no longer have to worry about setting it up, untangling wires, and perfectly stringing them. You can choose from a variety of tree lights to make the most of your pre lit Christmas tree  If you have vividly colored ornaments and other Christmas decorations, go for clear lights. These LED Christmas tree lights would highlight the decorations by reflecting their beautiful colors. Multi-color lights give you a range of brilliant options to update your holiday décor. Color changing lights give you the best of both worlds by switching from clear to colorful lights using a timer. You can also create a dynamic effect and add extra flair with steady, chase, and twinkle lights.

Artificial Christmas Tree To Create Lifelong Memories; Naomi Home Traditional Christmas Tree with Lights
There is a unique faux Christmas tree for everyone and you can find yours with these simple steps. Pick the right configuration and features for your artificial Christmas tree and unleash the festive spirit. You would love these memories for years to come… Merry Christmas!