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Cat Tower Choices for a Healthy and Good-Humored Feline

You would have noticed that your cat has an instinctual urge to climb.  This is wired into them in the wild, where they do it to avoid predators and look for prey. Your cat needs his or her vertical territory as much as a cozy seat at the ground level. When moving around outdoors is not an option, you owe your cat space to at least indulge in some climbing.  Your cat would love the space in your home when you can satisfy its natural inclination with a cat tower.

Importance of a Cat Tower

You would know by now that your cat looks healthiest and happiest when it can jump, run, hide, scratch and lounge. By nature, it is active and needs sufficient activities to do every day. High activity levels may be a characteristic of younger cats, but older ones too have their bursts of energy. Occasionally that may lead them to leap on and off furniture or pounce on a shoe from a hiding place. A cat tower or cat tree channels this ‘cathletic’ energy, giving your cat something to interact with, jump on and scratch. This way, a cat tower extends the life of your sofa, table cloth or other furniture and accessories at home!

Cat tower choices for a healthy and good-humored feline; Naomi Home Nala Triple Cat Tower
Nala Triple Cat Tower by Naomi Home

A cat tree also lets your cat get off the ground and settle in a space that is completely his own. Many cats are not too fond of your child’s robot or RC cars or noisy toys or a vacuum cleaner. With no immediate threats on their perch, cats would feel secure on a modern cat tree. Watch your cat relax and enjoy his nap from the safe and cozy confines of his perch on the tower. Ready to take the next step for your cat and wondering how to choose the perfect cat tower?

Considerations for a Cat Tower

Cat Tower Choices for a Healthy and Good-Humored Feline
Naomi Home Lulu Large Cat Tower

It all about your cat! As the lord of the territory, your cat needs to find the cat tree attractive and adopt it. Therefore, the starting point for deciding the type of cat tower and what goes in it is your cat’s style. Here are some points to gauge your cat’s style –

  • Activity level
    This varies with the health, age and athleticism of your cat. Younger cats may like to jump and climb higher. They would be happier when the space between the levels is a lot higher like in a tall cat tower. Older cats may prefer smaller climbs and cozier setups with a shorter tower that has ramps and ladders.
  • Playfulness and Social Behavior
    A cat that tends to hide in nooks and corners would prefer a cat condo as its hideout. On the other hand, a playful cat would like it when a few toys are added to the cat climbing tower.
  • Scratching Preference
    While many are surprised to know this, some cats prefer horizontal scratching posts while others prefer vertical. Your cat climbing tower is a significant investment and you want it to last for a few years at least. Check your cat’s preference with a regular cat scratcher and chose a cat scratching tree with the right scratching angle.
  • Number of Cats
    Like any roommates, cats too indulge in many territorial battles and their screaming can get stressful for you too. A cat tree house lets cats settle down in peace at different levels of their choice.
    Now that you have understood what would work for your cat, your next step is to identify the features.

Features of a Cat Tower

Cat tower choices for a healthy and good-humored feline;
Naomi Home Callie 3-Level Cat Tower

No matter what cat tower you choose, you need to pay attention to some features to make the right choice.

  • Scratching Post
    Sisal ropes are most commonly used for scratching posts and are typically wrapped around a cat scratch tower or pillar. Choose a cat scratcher that is tall enough for the cat to stand up on its hind legs while scratching.
  • Resting Perches
    This typically U shaped space with raised edges would make your cat feel snug, secure and safe. Choose a cat tower with multiple perches when you have more than one cat.
  • Size and levels
    Indulge your cat’s love for climbing with a multi-level cat tower. The right size for your cat tower is important for two reasons –

    • It needs to be roomy relative to the size of your cat. A cat tower for large cats would become the favorite lounging sleeping spot for your well-built cat.
    • It needs to fit in the space available in the room. Make sure you measure the dimensions and leave enough gap away from platforms and tables. Also, ensure there is enough climbing room wherever you place the cat tree tower.

Once your cat falls in love with the cat tree, he would always prefer to stay and play on it. A stable and durable cat tower can last through a significant part of your feline friend’s lifespan!

Cat Tower Choices for a Healthy and Good-Humored Feline; Naomi Home Cleo Tall & Large 4 Perch Cat Tower
Naomi Home Cleo Tall & Large 4 Perch Cat Tower