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Essential dorm furniture from Naomi Home

Essential Dorm Furniture for your Campus Life

It is that time in your life when you set off to the college of your choice to make your own road! Your dorm room is your new home and it needs to have furniture that let you do things your way. It’s a place where you study, introspect, think up new ideas, brainstorm with your friends and connect with yourself. Here are a few essential dorm furniture to help you get started.

In most cases, you need to get the most out of compact space when you plan your dorm room furniture. Choose versatile and multi-purpose dorm furniture wherever possible. Check the quality and pick dorm room furniture that can last through your campus life. Coordinate with your roommate on the dorm room décor and ensure your dorm furniture is customized to your liking. Use your dorm furniture to ensure that every inch of your little den is customized to reflect your unique personality.

Platform Beds

A platform bed is a great alternative to the futon when you prefer to settle down on your bed with a laptop. A wooden platform bed is a reliable classic that would be very comfortable with a mattress that matches your style. A foldable metal platform bed gives you the flexibility to stow it away and reclaim floor space when required. You also get useful hidden storage space under dorm beds for putting away items and organizing with storage baskets.

Naomi Home Platform Bed Dorm Beds Dorm Furniture
Naomi Home Platform Bed


Futon beds are multi-functional furniture that can be used as a couch by day and a bed at night. You can choose a split-back futon for additional lounging options when you have a friend over. You can also make a statement by selecting a dorm futon bed with modern styling. Upgrade the décor with a tufted futon or choose a dorm couch with armrests and cupholders to add luxury.

Naomi Home Futons


Naomi Home Over the Door Mirror
Naomi Home Over the Door Mirror

The personality you project and your image matter every time you step out of your dorm room. An over-the-door mirror saves space and is ideal for that one last check before you head out of the room. Add some excitement to your dorm room with a decorative frame mirror with artistic patterns and a bright-colored finish. When you have a thing for the rustic finishes, an embossed mirror with a chic pattern would be your showpiece. A vanity mirror would add glamor and luxurious style to your dresser unit. Using bathroom mirrors with storage, you get flexibility and a variety of options for storing your bathroom essentials. If you have enough space, go for an ornamental full-length mirror to add a decorative element. Most importantly, get a full-length view of yourself to perfect all those minor touch-ups to your outfit and yourself every day!


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The right chair ensures your comfort when pursuing the primary reason that brought you to your college – studying! Well-designed dorm chairs with cushions would ensure your back gets adequate support when you keep your nose to the grindstone. Ideal upholstery for college dorm chairs needs to be tough, easy to maintain and stain-resistant. Faux leather is very suitable for dorm room chairs as it is durable and can withstand heavy-duty usage. A desk chair with a foot ring adds to your convenience when you want to relax your legs. Choose a chair that lets you adjust the height to exactly where you want it aligned with your dorm desk. Swivel and wheels for the desk chair would be very useful when you want to reach other items in the room. A tall chair with armrests provides you the flexibility you need to use a standing desk as a study table.

Storage Cabinets

The key to a comfortable and luxurious dorm room setting is to keep it well organized. A storage cabinet provides ample space to put away items and comfortably access them. A drawer cabinet adds flexibility by providing separate enclosed compartments to let you store a range of items. With a 5-drawer cabinet, you could store supplies in the top one or two drawers and clothes in the others.

Storage Cabinets by Naomi Home
Storage Cabinets by Naomi Home


Make your dorm room your favorite place in the world through your campus life and enjoy every moment.

You can draw from this bank of happy memories you create here for the rest of your life!