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Lifestyle and Health Benefits Of Adjustable Bed Bases

After more than a year you now understand better how the new normal has changed your life for good. Regardless of whether you already used to WFH or ribbed those who did, it seems different doing it every day. The time saved on commute looked good at first but you can see that it has brought other challenges. The harder you work, your muscles in the back and the rest of your bodywork that much harder. While a lot has been said about productivity and work-life balance, don’t back-to-back zoom calls leave you feeling sore? If it does, there is a simple way to handle it. An adjustable bed base, also known as a reclining bed helps you relax, keep soreness away, and sleep well. These beds are not just about medical benefits as they could be a nice luxury upgrade too. Here are the top lifestyle benefits of an adjustable bed that could enhance your health and wellness.

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Any Time Massage

We all have experienced it. Aches and pains have no fixed schedule and make their presence felt at any time of the day or night! Adjustable beds have easy controls that let you handle them with ease. Enjoy the exhilarated and liberating feeling of a massage on tap with the simple adjustments of an adjustable bed. You can also customize and separately adjust massage intensity for your head, back, and feet.

Ergonomic and Relaxing Posture

Send those last few emails, enjoy bedtime reading or watch TV in an ergonomic posture on an adjustable bed base. You can raise the head position or lift the feet position to ease pressure on your back. Catching up on Netflix is a lot more fun when your elevated upper body helps relax your neck and shoulder.

Easier To Fall Asleep

With so much going on all day long and it is not easy to relax and fall asleep at will. But a few adjustable bed position changes can help your muscles relax and keep you from tossing around restlessly. Enjoy feeling weightless on a zero-gravity bed as your knees rise above your heart level and your head gets elevated. A good night’s sleep in this position alleviates lower back strain and you get to wake up all charged up.

Control Snoring, Sleep Better

Is loud snoring forcing you to sleep separately from your partner as it tends to get very uncomfortable? Simple adjustments using a remote control to raise your head on an elevated bed can help you significantly reduce snoring. When your head is raised, sinuses are kept clear and airflow is eased to let you sleep better.

Minimize Acid Reflux

Losing sleep because of heartburn? Gravity takes over when you sleep with your head and body elevated and helps you reduce symptoms of acid reflux.

Reduce Back Pain

Burning the midnight oil from home leaving you with a sore back? Adjustable bed frames let you raise the leg to the right level to give soothing relief to your lower back. By individually adjusting the angles of the top and leg area, you can even out weight distribution and improve posture. Choose the right memory foam mattress for your bed frame and its natural contouring would add to your comfort.

Enhance Independence For The Elderly

When getting on and off a bed gets difficult due to injury or advancing age, adjustable beds for seniors Elevating the mattress position provides support and eases what otherwise feels a lot more painful.

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Your reason to choose an adjustable bed base could be for your comfort or to address a health need. It is a great choice to get your best version to show up every morning after a good night’s sleep! You deserve it!