Liven Up your Home – Décor Ideas and Tips

Welcome to the new normal…where your home is your workplace and you are multi-tasking all day! You have less time and are adapting to newer sets of norms when you meet friends. Therefore, you are looking to make every occasion count. With so much going on, don’t you wish there was a magic wand that would take away all the stress and chaos of the outside world and upgrade your lifestyle right at home? Well, you don’t have to invoke the supernatural for this! It just takes a few tweaks to your home décor to transform your lifestyle and make every moment worth living.

Here are three ideas that would help you to creatively liven up your home & décor and feel good about the choices you make. Whether you are moving into a new home that allows you to start afresh or looking to upgrade your furniture to a new living style, you would find that these apply to you in equal measure.

Brighten it up

With abundant natural lighting, your family would be all sweetness and light as everyone gets to look on the bright side of things in the room, literally! Lighting can change the mood and bring in a sense of well-being – who wouldn’t love waking up to the bright reflection of the beach or their garden in the bedroom!

Research findings published in a medical journal observe that when you start the day with natural light and continue to be exposed to it in the office during the day, you tend to sleep better, get more physical activity and have a better quality of life. As you settle down with a cuppa on your comfortable couch every morning, enjoy the natural lighting even as you catch up on the news or review the day’s priorities. Set up your home office in a room with a large window or enhance the illumination using a full-length mirror to reflect natural lighting into the room. Use light color shades for the walls and furniture in the room and create a feeling of additional space and depth in it. And here’s a little secret, it’s a lot of fun when you highlight your beautiful décor and artwork by playing with lighting and your friends are impressed and start talking about it!

Futon Sofa with Armrest by Naomi Home

Establish a sense of order

We all hate those days when there is so much stuff around a room that it feels like there was an earthquake! When you declutter your home, you have more room for the most important person in your world…YOU! You’ll love your me-time as you sit down, read a book or enjoy your favorite Netflix shows. If you are the kind that likes to socialize a lot, enjoy the freedom of the extra space you reclaimed by inviting friends and family more frequently.

Wondering where to get started to keep things tidy and organized? This giant leap starts with a small step. Pick your favorite room or spot in the room and visualize how you want it to look. Separate items into what you would like to display, what you want to store in the room and what you want to get rid of or shift to a different room. Check out the five drawer cabinet from Naomi Home to display items on the top shelf and store the rest in the drawers. Voila! You will be amazed by how easy it was when you are done. This sense of accomplishment would motivate you for your next room or part of a room and you would cherish the extra time on hand when you don’t get distracted searching for stuff you need. It gets even better… when friends and family compliment you on the tidiness in your home, you’ll feel like you can walk on water!

Taylor 5 Drawer Cabinet by Naomi Home

Light that creative spark

It wasn’t long ago that you were encouraged to get creative as a child, to think in new ways and try new ideas without being judged, right? Wouldn’t it be fun to recapture that freedom? When you think back about your favorite art gallery where a mirror image created a grand visual effect with the artwork, you would realize that you could do it too, right here… in your room!

Framed Bevel Mirror by Naomi Home

Creative expression is known to bring a rush of positive vibes that significantly reduce stress, provides a sense of well-being and improves health in the long term. And here’s the best part – you don’t have to be a painter, writer or a musician to get creative. Use your photo frames, bring out those collectibles and memorabilia to create an artistic display on an open shelf cabinet to liven up your home décor. If you like to make it exciting, try a completely different arrangement every few days by rotating items from the drawers below. Use a natural wooden finish with darker shades for the furniture in the room. Add some lighting to highlight your work of art. Floor mirrors would lend an extra dimension and give you the flexibility to play with angles, just like that gallery!

It’s that simple. All it takes is a few small actions that make you feel connected with your home and you would enjoy every moment of your day.

Remember, There’s no place like home…