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Modern Farmhouse Décor: Rediscover The Joy Of Country Living

What a fitting contrast to the world of uncertainty and rapid change we live in! It’s no surprise that the idea of idyllic countryside and farm life continues to inspire interiors and furniture designs. Modern farmhouse décor is distinctly all-American and highlights your interior design with its timeworn looks and old-school finishing touches. So while you may not be living on a farm, you can still stay connected with mother nature. Ready to go with this pet project to bring farmhouse décor ideas to your modern home? It all starts with getting the fundamentals right.

Starting With The Basics Of Farmhouse Décor

Sounds obvious, right? Farmhouse style is all about creating a laid-back, warm, and relaxed vibe that you always loved watching and reading about. It is also about celebrating the joy of being together with friends and family who like to gather around frequently. So keep the layout open, family-friendly, and use mild color tones to make everyone feel at home and welcomed.

As anyone on a farm would tell you, they keep it simple by having only what they need. So modern farmhouse décor needs to create a sense that it evolved and every item has a purpose. The good news is that you can take your time as you go about this. Have an entire list of creative ideas that keep coming? That’s exactly what you need as you can make every space in your home look different. It would all come together elegantly to highlight the unique and vibrant personality of the person behind the decorations…you.

Now that you get the basics, we are all set to get you started. Here are some ideas for you to bring the farmhouse style to your home.

Farmhouse Industrial-Style Living Room

Combine a farmhouse atmosphere with rugged industrial themed and metal-based furniture to deliver convenience with a workman-like style. Industrial living room themes celebrate your city roots and bring the warmth and character of the countryside to urban dwellings. A coffee table with a natural finish creates a laid-back setting to catch up with friends over an extended conversation. Sofa end tables with metal legs and natural wood provide an exquisite and minimalist variety to your living room. You can elevate the impact by complementing it with a metal console table and decorating it with handcrafted accents. Combine this with farmhouse-style living room ceiling lights and floor lamps for a fresh-looking and distinct interior décor.

Naomi Home Meghan Metal Coffee Table, Modern Farmhouse Décor

Rustic Bedroom Furniture

Rustic home décor is a celebration of all things natural with unfinished wood, distressed finish, and repurposed items. You would soon realize that all those romantic writings did not exaggerate. With Rustic bedroom decor and accents, you automatically wake up to bright and cheerful mornings.  Get a rustic floor mirror to illuminate everything in the room and make the ambiance warm and pleasant.  A rustic wooden bed frame with a natural finish captures the simplicity and utility of furniture in a farmhouse. In a kid’s bedroom, a loft bed lets you combine safety, comfort, and fun. Add a few wildflowers on the vase or indoor plants to enrich the decorations. Include wall artwork with plants, flowers, and butterflies and the rustic farmhouse decor would be complete!

Naomi Home Rustic Mirror, Modern Farmhouse Décor

Vintage Farmhouse Décor For Variety

Naomi Home Dahlia Raised Garden Planter Bed with Shelf, Modern Farmhouse Décor

Vintage farmhouse décor lures your senses, tugs at your heart by transporting you to a different era around the home. Mix and match homemade objects, authentic details, aged materials, and DIY touches to establish your personalized antique farmhouse decor. Indulge your love for gardening and add soothing greenery on your patio using raised planter boxes with an antique finish. While you are at the kitchen counter, you would surely appreciate assistance from your little toddler helper. A step-up stool lets you safely involve your child early in helping you out and keep an eye on him.

Modern Farmhouse Décor, Naomi Home Kids On the Rise Step Stool

Sounds practical and doable right? Almost everyone who has gone down the farmhouse décor path considers it their most enjoyable DIY project ever.

Cherish getting closer to your roots with a lifestyle upgrade that transforms urban living for yourself and your family!