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New Home Furnishing: Must-Have Furniture You Should Splurge On

First of all congratulations on your new home! It has been that kind of a year and it must feel great to step forward into a new place. And we get it. Whether it’s your first home or you have been there and done that, a new home is always exciting. It also makes no difference whether the new place you are moving into is owned or rented. Spending all that stay-at-home time working and bonding with family members must have given you new décor ideas. You may want to make your home more WFH-friendly or add touches to create a personal connection for everyone. This is a great opportunity to reimagine your home and do it all over again with new home furnishing.

Before you begin though, it helps to be clear about your budget and the priorities. After the down payment and other fees for your new home, it is normal to be watchful about your spending. But there is good news. You just need to strategically prioritize and splurge on a few pieces of furniture to start off the right way. Here are a few new home furnishing ideas to get you started.

Luxurious Living Room Furniture

Regardless of your lifestyle and interests, you end up spending a lot of time hanging out in the living room. A grand living room setup would do wonders for your confidence and enhance your feel-good.  A leather sofa set is a great choice to deliver a statement of class and refined elegance. With enough seats to go around, leather living room sets would redefine luxury during parties at your home. Add a grand home entertainment center and your movie or game-watching experience would be transformed.

New Home Furnishing


Bedroom Furniture With A Personal Touch

You would be spending almost a third of your life in this room! So don’t hold back when it comes to choosing your bedroom furniture. Make it your private abode, a den that reflects your unique personality and character. It all starts with a comfortable bed. A modern wooden platform bed frame is perfect for the peaceful sleep you deserve every day. A regular mattress would suffice and you save money on a box spring. Add a versatile nightstand beside the bed and use it to decorate with a photo frame or a lamp. You can also make sure your devices, valuables, and accessories are safely stowed away on the bedside table. Add an LED backlit mirror and it would glam up your dressing rituals by a few notches.

Naomi Home Platform Bed, New Home Furnishing

Set Up A Professional Home Office

Behold the workplace of the future! Since work from home is the new normal, it is time you fitted out your home office appropriately. It starts with a comfortable chair that can get you through endless workdays on zoom calls. Add a high back executive chair and it would ensure your posture is maintained right and reduces your muscle strain. You also need a professional storage solution where you can allocate space and create an indexed system for easy access. A versatile office cabinet with storage shelves and drawers would allow you to store items of various sizes and shapes. Like to capture your ideas as they flow or never miss out on an item on your TO-DO list? Add a wall-mounted magnetic whiteboard. The magnetic surface gives you the added flexibility to stick up papers and charts using magnets or stick post-it notes.

Naomi Home Halle High-Back Executive Office Chair, Man Cave Furniture, New Home Furnishing

Spice Up Your Dining Space

While you may have already thought of a dining table set, you can upgrade your parties with a buffet table. Love to have candlelit dinner dates at home? Why not add some excitement with aesthetic decorations for a fine-dining atmosphere. Go even further and add an elegant wall mirror to create mood-lighting during your dinner dates.

Naomi Home Rylee Farmhouse Style 60" TV Console Cabinet With Sliding Barn Doors, New Home Furnishing

Make The Kid’s Room Fun

Your child would carry memories of this new home for life. So make the effort and let them be the happiest! What better way to capture a child’s imagination than to add elements of fun and merry enjoyment? A loft bed with slide would let your child start every morning with the widest grin in town!  Add a spacious bookshelf with a toy rack and he or she would love having it all in one place.

New Home Furnishing

That’s it! With the new home furnishing, you now have the keys to your well-furnished dream home. Enjoy the start of this wonderful new adventure. After all, there’s no place like home, sweet home!