Naomi Home Cozy Body Pillow

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Naomi Home Cozy U Shaped Body Pillow provides long ergonomic positioning and can relieve pressure from arms, legs, head, neck, and back. Its cushioned memory foam can be customized to get to the right level of softness, making it ideal as a full body pillow for sleeping. This pregnancy pillow is handy for reducing belly pressure, back pain, and discomfort during all trimesters of pregnancy. Use this hug me body pillow for sitting more upright, resting on the couch, or curling up while watching TV, nursing children, reading, or sleeping.

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The comfort factor of this pregnancy body pillow is maintained by high quality filling material.

This maternity body pillow is suitable for nursing as well to provide support for the baby with the mom’s back cushioned

Mom’s back and belly supported by inner curve

Inner curve of this full body pregnancy pillow supports the pregnant mom’s back and belly.

Designed is such that it caresses the body’s natural curves

Cradles the whole body and ensures the whole body of the pregnant mom is in constant comfort


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