Naomi Home Serenity 15″ Height Adjustable Bed Base

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Sleep peacefully throughout the night with a Serenity 15″ Height Adjustable Bed Base, the latest addition to the Naomi Home idealBase collection. Innovative technology has evolved over the past decades leading to improvements that have upgraded our health and the way we live our lives on a daily basis. The therapeutic functionality is capable of adjusting the way you sleep, getting rid of torturous insomnia, as well as various aches, pains and improved circulation.

Adjust your bed position with the click of a button from the programmed remote controller to one of several settings that best accommodates your comfort and medical needs. Quit suffering from back pains, joint pains, neck stiffness, acid reflux, sleep apnea, and heartburn with head and foot recline function. Multipurpose utilization will have you watching TV, using your laptop or reading a book comfortably reclined as well. Unlike other models, this bed base attains a lower profile height. Relax your body with the perfect position and alleviate all sorts of pains with Serenity, aiding an enduring sleep for a days worth of energy and productivity.

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Naomi Home Serenity 15
Naomi Home Serenity 15
Naomi Home Serenity 15

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IMPROVED SLEEP – Adjust your position with head and foot recline function. Sleeping upright with head incline can also help eliminate snoring and improve blood circulation of the legs and help back or muscle strain by finding the perfect position to gently soothe your body.

THERAPEUTIC – The Serenity adjustable bed base is great therapy for people who suffer from acid reflux, sleep apnea, heartburn, or GERD. The adjustable bed base not only works great for medical needs, but also ultimate comfort as you read, study, watch television, talk on the phone, use your laptop computer, or play video games

EXCELLENT COMFORT – The bed’s smooth operating mechanism can be easily adjusted with the remote control for the ability to raise and lower your head, foot separately or both simultaneously.

REMOTE CONTROLLED – Choose from 7 positions with just a click of a button.

LOWER PROFILE HEIGHT – Unlike most other adjustable beds, this bed base has a lower profile height making easier to place inside your existing bed frame, which also helps secure the mattress in place


PRODUCT SIZE – FULL SIZE: 54″L  x 75″W x 15″H

UPC: 099312128113

Country of Origin : China


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