Naomi Home Dahlia Raised Garden Planter Bed with Shelf

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Compliment your interior or exterior design with the display of the most gorgeous plant and flower arrangements blossoming gracefully utilizing the Naomi Home Dahlia Raised Garden Planter Bed with shelf. Indoor and outdoor planter bed is crafted to keep your favorite plants in one raised box bed and providing the ability to display additional arrangements or accessories underneath with built-in shelf. Dahlia will capture your guests? attention instantly, inspiring them to garden. . The natural wood grains and finish of this elevated garden bed with legs look perfect in any setting. Delivered to your home and ready for a quick and easy assembly with its strong, hard-wearing and sustainable quality material.

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Naomi Home Dahlia Raised Garden Planter Bed with Shelf
Naomi Home Dahlia Raised Garden Planter Bed with Shelf
Naomi Home Dahlia Raised Garden Planter Bed with Shelf

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USER FRIENDLY – Ergonomic design allows easy access to the Naomi Home Dahlia Elevated Garden Planter with Storage Shelf. Convenient for those with sore knees or back as it minimizes muscle strain.

SPACIOUS BASE – Abundant space on this garden planter gives ample space for plants to breathe and grow.

VERSATILE – This elevated garden planter is built for flexible use in both indoor and outdoor locations

LOWER SHELF – Multiple options available to conveniently use the extra space available on the lower shelf. Use it to store garden accessories, implements, and everything else that you need to access to get through your gardening tasks with ease

HIGH-QUALITY WOOD – Has natural strength and ruggedness for a sturdy build that keeps this planter stable and well-balanced on your garden surface or your floor

DRAINAGE HOLES – Conveniently remove excess water and prevent overwatering. This keeps the soil fresh and prevents rot.

NATURAL FINISH – Smoothened finish with no chemicals or paint to prevent any contamination and keep it natural. Injuries are avoided as there is no splintering or sharp edges.

EASY TO ASSEMBLE – Modular constructions with step-by-step instructions to easily fit all the components together. All required hardware are included in the box.

PRODUCT DIMENSIONS – 36” L X 16” W X 32” H (Inches)


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