Naomi Home Iris Garden Planter Bed Box

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Naomi Home Iris Raised Garden Wooden Planter Bed Box is spacious and built to last a lifetime. Grow the most beautiful garden with the Naomi Home Iris Garden Planter Bed Box. Iris offers an abundance of space to plant an assortment of distinctive flowers, succulents, and grow lots of fresh produce. Its open bottom ensures that plants get an abundant supply of nutrients, while excess water drains out quickly to keep the soil fresh. This garden planter box is made of strong, non-toxic materials and its weather-proof wood resists pests. Iris planter bed has a natural finish with clearly visible wood grains and is ideal to create an impressive decoration and accent a garden with a variety of vegetables, fruits, and flowering plants.

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Naomi Home Iris Garden Planter Bed Box
Naomi Home Iris Garden Planter Bed Box
Naomi Home Iris Garden Planter Bed Box

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PLENTY OF SPACE – The Naomi Home Iris Above Ground Garden Wooden Planter Bed Box is designed to give that bit of extra space that every plant needs to flourish by breathing and growing in a supportive environment.

HIGH-QUALITY WOOD – This garden bed box is made for long life with good quality wood that can weather the elements with ease. It naturally resists insects and pests.

TOUGH AND SOLID – Strong wood that is built for heavy-duty usage while taking a few for the team of plants that it nourishes and protects.

ELEGANT FINISH – Clean and natural finish with visible wood grains to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your vegetable and flower bed in the garden. Smooth surface prevents injuries caused by splinters.

LOW MAINTENANCE – Requires little to no maintenance and retains its original form and finish in its natural glory.

EASY TO ASSEMBLE – The components are designed to conveniently fit together and the step-by-step instructions make it easy to get the job done as a fun DIY. All hardware and materials required for assembly are included.

PRODUCT DIMENSIONS – 48” L X 48” W X 12” H (Inches)


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