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Space Saving Furniture For A Smart Home

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Six months can seem like a long time! There was a time when you hardly noticed the effort you made to navigate around the furniture in your home. Most of your days were spent outside the home – at work, business meetings, or hanging out with friends. Working from home through the lockdowns during the last couple of quarters has changed that. They have shown you how much those small inconveniences in your home matter. Besides, it doesn’t matter how big your home is, space is always a premium. Maximizing the utility of the space available in a home by trading up for space-saving furniture is a universal goal.

There are many options to enhance your lifestyle by packing a lot into the smallest of spaces. Thankfully this can be achieved with a little bit of creativity and smart space planning. Stack vertically, fold, hang or hide away parts of your furniture to reclaim floor space in your room. By combining multiple functions into one unit, space saving furniture for a smart home.

Wondering where to begin? Here are a few modern options for space saving furniture in your home –

Futon Sofa Bed

Wish you could make friends and family members more comfortable when they sleepover? A futon sofa that converts into a bed gives you that extra flexibility. A luxurious futon sofa bed would be a spot to hang out at home for a long conversation. Multiple friends can comfortably sit on it when you host a party at home or have a game night. Quickly convert your futon bed and your friends can sleepover on this cozy unit. Its utility gets even better if you live in a studio apartment. Your futon sofa bed would be your couch at day and bed at night. Don’t be surprised when you feel it is more comfortable than a standard mattress bed!

Space Saving Furniture For A Smart Home; Futon Sofa Bed

Side Tables

After organizing the furniture in your living room is there a corner that you still want to use better? Go for a modern side table that is sleek and provides trendy amenities. Small side tables can fit in the narrowest spaces to let you make the most of every available square inch. A sofa side table adds an elegant platform for decorating up your living room with a few simple accent pieces. You can decorate the lower shelf with a couple of books, magazines, and an indoor plant to elevate the ambiance.  Your mobiles and remotes would now have a new home and you would no longer have to search for them. A side table with USB can continue to charge your devices as you settle down to relax on your couch. Use the side table for your coffee cup or a glass of water, you don’t need a separate coffee table.

Naomi Home Jade Chairside Table with USB Ports & Outlets

Storage Cabinets

When your storage needs are growing fast, you want to organize better and add space quickly, Go Vertical! Choose a spacious 7 drawer cabinet and it adds versatile storage options on a small footprint. A large drawer cabinet lets you have a place for everything and everything in its place. Add a few identification tags and make it easier to sort and access whatever you want on your storage cabinet. Use the top to display clocks, decorate with photo frames and a cabinet could also replace an accent table. A drawer cabinet on wheels is mobile and you can move it around easily. Multiple individual compartments also give you the ability to store a variety of items in a storage cabinet.

Naomi Home Amy Office Cabinet

Storage Mirrors

Thinking of installing a large mirror in the bathroom? And looking for ways to retain the convenience of accessing a toothpaste or conditioner while gazing at your bathroom mirror? Go for a wall mirror that also has space to store a few of your important items. A storage mirror combines the convenience of a mirror while providing ample storage space. A mirror with shelf also ensures that your makeup kit or toiletries are right where you need them.

Naomi Home Square Storage Function Mirror

Loft Bed

When it is time for your child’s first loft bed, you can still make room for play and other activities. Use the space under your kids loft bed to eliminate other pieces of furniture from the room. A loft bed with desk and storage performs multiple functions in a compact area in your child’s room. A loft bed with desk leaves enough play area in the room as you don’t need a separate desk. It gets even better with drawers and bookshelves also accommodated under the loft bed.

Naomi Home Heather Low Loft Louver Bed

These smart furniture options demonstrate that you don’t have to upsize to upgrade home furniture! Enjoy the satisfaction of making the most of your floor space with these space saving furniture for a smart home.