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Top 7 Bed Frame Types For Kid’s Room

Feeling overwhelmed trying to choose the right bed frame for your kid’s room? We get that a lot. There is just so much to choose from for parents wanting to do their best for kids. Experienced parents would tell you that the considerations are quite simple. For starters, as children graduate from cribs to their beds, you want to ensure they get a good night’s sleep. But that’s not all. You want your choice of bed frame design to look good in the room and not occupy too much space. You may want it to be attractive and fun too with a lot of safety.  It needs to balance between style, looks, fun, and utility while ensuring there is no compromise on comfort and safety.

Wondering how to get started? You just need to remember your childhood. And how you had a lot of fun with elevated beds or wished you had one? No surprise there. Loft beds and bunk beds continue to be the most popular among children. But there are a few others that have stood the test of time. You could pick traditional options or bed frames with a variety of added features based on your child’s preference.

Here are is an overview of the top 7 bed frame types for kid’s room:

Traditional Loft Bed Frame

Traditional loft beds are ideal to balance your child’s love for heights and retain floor space under the frame. With a low loft bed frame, you can feel reassured about the safety. You would find the under-bed space quite handy for putting away items or creating a small activity area for your child.Top 7 Bed Frame Types For Kid's Room

Loft Bed With Storage

Combine a safe low loft bed with storage options and save space and money while keeping the room neatly organized. Integrating neatly organized drawers with open shelves on the frame adds flexibility to store a wide range of items. Use the floor space saved for encouraging your child to pursue other activities, play, and more. Add extra utility with a loft bed with desk and storage and your child can have it all in one place!

Top 7 Bed Frame Types For Kid's Room

Loft Bed With Slide

An active busy body deserves to start every day with excitement! A loft bed with slide lets you create the effect of a small play area in your child’s room. With guard rails and a sturdy build, these loft bed frames are comfortable and safe for children on the move. You have the added bonus of convenient under-bed space to put away a variety of items and decorate the room.

Top 7 Bed Frame Types For Kid's Room

Traditional Bunk Bedframe

When you want your investment to last until your children reach their teens, choose a traditional bunk bed frame. With an inclined ladder and sturdy build, these strong bed frames would accommodate younger and older children with equal ease.

Top 7 Bed Frame Types For Kid's Room

Low Profile Bunk Bedframe

When the second one arrives, you need to make room for one more in the children’s room! A bunk bed gives the older one space on top while giving time for the younger one to join in. A low-profile bunk bed frame is a safe option for a pre-toddler to bond with an older sibling. Don’t tell anyone, but you could steal a few winks on it too! A bunk bed is also great for a single child to accommodate friends during sleepovers. Give your child the option to socialize and have fun with the extra bed.

Top 7 Bed Frame Types For Kid's Room

Multi-Purpose Day Bed

As your child grows older, he or she would love to have a sofa in the room. You can provide just that with a day bed frame that is a sofa during the day and a bed at night. It is a great option for children to work on a laptop and enjoy activity time and nodding off. Plus its distinctive design makes a fashion statement in any interior setting.

Top 7 Bed Frame Types For Kid's Room

Basic Platform Bed

Prefer to keep it simple with a bed frame that can last until your child turns into a young adult? A durable and sturdy platform bed is an ideal choice. A wood platform bed can effortlessly accommodate the increase in height and weight of a fast-growing child. The space under the bed frame would also prove handy for organizing and putting away loose items and toys.

Top 7 Bed Frame Types For Kid's Room

Here are the top 7 bed frame types for kid’s room from Naomi Home. Ready to order your kid’s bed? Knowing what would suit your child is all that is required. There’s a bed frame design out there for every child’s unique needs! Enjoy your child’s excitement with the new bed as you head into the holiday season. These memories are worth a lifetime!