Your Dream Home Décor – Clues from your Zodiac Sign


Home décor clues from your zodiac signs for your dream home;Chesterfield sofa;couch and sofa set;storage cabinets;full-length floor mirror;accent tables
Your Dream Home Décor – Clues from your Zodiac Sign


We all have experienced this – You step into a new place and the stress and pressure that have been accumulating inside vanish in a flash. A sudden sense of calm pervades, you feel deep down that you belong to that place. It’s almost magical and you wish you felt that way at home!  Astrologers call it our true cosmic nature. Design, furnishings and finish aligned with your innermost traits guided by zodiac sign, make you relaxed and happier. With Home décor solutions based on zodiac signs, you can unlock your potential and achieve more.  Here’s a look at what your horoscope sign offer, as clues for your room decoration.


As an Aries, you don’t try to be awesome. Awesome tries to be you! As the first of the zodiac signs, you have a childlike charm, cheerful demeanor and are a risk-taker.

Naomi Home Futon Sofa with Armrest and Cupholders in Espresso | Naomi Home Mosaic Style Full Length Floor Mirror in Rose Gold | Naomi Home Gallaway Accent End Table in Espresso | Naomi Home Zero Gravity Lounge Patio Outdoor Recliner Chairs in Red
Zero Gravity Recliner by Naomi Home

You will like a transitional décor theme that makes your home feel vibrant when you invite friends and neighbors over. Choose bright and fiery shades like red, orange or gold accents to impress your visitors. Have furniture that is functional like Futon Sofa or ornamental Floor Mirror that helps to project your vibrant personality. Set up zero gravity recliners in your backyard or poolside deck for a weekly Saturday afternoon cocktail with your gang!


You were born when flowers were in full bloom and there was a sweet smell of fresh air all around! That makes you want to stay connected with nature and you have a thing for tradition.

Naomi Home Framed Bevel Leaner Mirror<br /> Naomi Home Futon Sofa Bed, Split Back Tufted Convertible Couch<br /> Naomi Home Eily Wooden Nightstand with Storage Shelf, Drawer, Cream
Futon Sofa Bed by Naomi Home

You would be most comfortable with a classic décor style and mid-century modern themes.  Look for natural shades like blue, green and include shades of cream or mild pink for that touch of softness. Get a classically styled luxurious couch and sofa set for your living room and enjoy the comfort. Decorate your bedroom with a few indoor plants on the nightstand. You would experience that heady feeling of waking up every morning in a natural habitat!


Your curious mind is always looking for the next exciting thing. You can make changes to life and your home as fast as you change your mind. Admit it, that’s pretty fast! Like the twins that symbolize your astrology sign, you have two sides to your personality.

Naomi Home Mosaic Style Full Length Floor Mirror, Champagne Naomi Home Gallaway Accent Coffee Table, Blues, Gray Naomi Home Gallaway Accent Side Table, Blues, Gray Naomi Home Deluxe Multiposition Sleigh Glider and Ottoman Set, Sand, Espresso
Mosaic Style Floor Mirror by Naomi Home

You should combine modern and vintage elements in your interiors. Minimalist furniture would be ideal as you can move them around or rearrange at will. Use a full-length floor mirror to add variety. A coffee table and end tables set would give you space for collectibles and art pieces. Colorful combinations using shades of yellow, green and white with different patterns would go well with your eclectic nature.


As one of the most sensitive Zodiac signs, you are nurturing, perceptive and your home is where your heart is. People close to you know to look under the comforter in your bedroom when they can’t find you!

Naomi Home Zoe Futon Sofa, White Naomi Home Taylor 5 Drawers Cabinet, White
Zoe Futon Sofa by Naomi Home

Your maternal instinct leads you to make it comfortable and luxurious for everyone in your home. Go for a vintage themed décor using plush rugs and ample cushions to bring home the opulence of the past. A comfortable couch and sofa set with soft upholstery and generous throw pillows is a must-have. Use soft colors like off-white, ivory, or mild blue with genial metallic accents like silver.  Use moonflowers or other white flowers for a welcoming effect when those you care about step-in to your home “your world”


You are the life of the party and make people wonder if there is a “LEOcentric” theory of the universe! Your genuine joie de vivre leads you to play gracious host on any number of occasions.

Naomi Home 3 Piece Emery Chesterfield Sofa Set with Rolled Arms, Tufted Cushions Naomi Home Framed Wall Mirror, Champagne
Emery Chesterfield SofaSet by Naomi Home

Style your home to be that lavish, sun-drenched castle with artistic treasures bearing your impressive personal mark. Let everyone know it’s YOUR den!  Go for a timeless classic like a chesterfield sofa set in your living room. Add ornamental lighting and focus lights to highlight the wall hangings and art pieces to reflect your personality. Use warm colors like yellow and orange on golden accents with a generous white background. The bright combination of colors would let you shine like the sun and illuminate all around you!


As a Virgo, you always keep it classy, no matter what. You like everything to be organized, have high standards and your natural flair has an aura of elegance. You are very grounded and your abode feels like home, only if it is peaceful.

Naomi Home Framed Bevel Wall Mirror, Espresso Naomi Home Amy Office Cabinet , White Naomi Home Gallaway Accent Side Table, Blues, Gray
Amy Office Cabinet by Naomi Home

You need an area where you can read, write or find other outlets to unwind. Choose a home décor that is understated  like Mirrors and has a rustic finish.  Elegant storage cabinets & side tables are important to sort out your items while keeping the rooms tidy and free from clutter. Use a neutral color like blue, green or lighter shades like white with a few glass accents. Take it up a few notches by using natural fibers or organic materials to make it exceptional, like you!


Do you find yourself putting relationships first and prioritizing helping others over all else? Be proud! You are a Libran and in august company, although you may have been born in September or October!  You would love an ambiance that is soft, graceful and elegant and the name of the game is Balance.

Naomi Home Brisbane Glider & Ottoman Set, Light Gray, Light Gray Naomi Home Jade Chairside Table with USB Ports & Outlets, White
Brisbane Glider & Ottoman Set by Naomi Home

Since you seek comfort in style, go for luxurious home décor. The key is symmetry and a sense of balance in the way you arrange the furniture. In a living room, pair your couches and arrange them to face each other. Add a glider ottoman set with a side table to add a comfort & luxury vibe.  With a mild gray hue as the base, use lavender or light pink. This would feel natural and cordial without looking visibly organized. Avoid anything sharp or jagged. Create an aura with one-of-a-kind collections that match the inner you!


When people tell you not to do something, you do it twice and take a picture! Your deceptively cool exterior belies the fact that you are driven, passionate. You are the mysterious Scorpio and have another side too – an innate desire to retire into your cave!

Naomi Home Tufted Split Back Futon Sofa, Linen, Espresso Naomi Home Crystal Tufted Mirror, Black Naomi Home Eily Wooden Nightstand with Storage Shelf, Drawer, Black Naomi Home Odelia Swivel Rocker Recliner, Microfiber, Gray
Crystal Tufted Mirror by Naomi Home

You have a natural inclination towards plush and velvety furniture. Choose a décor that amplifies modern and Victorian styles. Since you cherish privacy and intimacy, consider darker window shades, faux candle lighting with floor mirror to give out a spacious look. A little nook with your favorite recliner and side tables in a low-lit hideaway can help you add a cozy hiding place. Go for colors like black, wine red and burgundy. Ensure that there are a few brighter elements to give it some vitality. Now all you need is your favorite playlist!


You believe that life is too short to be sweating over the petty stuff. You are an enthusiastic explorer who loves traveling the world. Every story you tell has an experience that has shaped your eclectic personality.

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Fayette PowerLift Recliner by Naomi Home

Your collectibles reflect your bohemian flair. Your home ambiance needs to mimics your favorite places – like the verdant landscapes of Scotland or vibrant sands of Oahu. Boho décor would suit you best. Have a sunroom or skylight windows and a full-length mirror to create a bright and sun-drenched setting. Lighter wall shades can direct attention to the decorations on them. In your bedroom, add a couple of accent tables to display photos and art pieces from your trips. The smile this brings to you every morning would light up your entire home and everyone in it…


Less is more, quality over quantity, anything has a place only if it has a purpose – Ring a bell? As the most responsible of the zodiac signs, you are a natural leader. You are organized, disciplined, have a discerning sense of fashion and a secret wish to be more spontaneous!

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Laura Sleeper Sectional Sofa by Naomi Home

Scandinavian home décor with classical design themes would suit you well. You’d prefer a minimal color palette and furniture with rich wood grains. You favor an ageless workhorse or a timeless antique over the latest fads. A leather-upholstered sleeper sofa set would be an easy choice. Everyone would love the elegance pervading your home with classic furniture in unique styles like Balinese wood or shaker.


Going with the flow? Nah, that’s not for you. You are free-thinking and like to do as you please. You enjoy being at the cutting edge of everything and would choose form over function. But you also have a very quiet, reserved side that needs extra space to recharge and rejuvenate.

Naomi Home Gallaway Accent Coffee Table Naomi Home Gallaway Accent Side Table Naomi Home Amy Office Cabinet
Gallaway Accent Coffee Table by Naomi Home

Your home must be uncluttered and airy with cool features and futuristic materials. Think avant-garde when choosing your décor and keep the designs minimalist. Set up your bedroom to be a tranquil space you can withdraw into for re-energizing yourself.  Choose shades of gray or mild blue in your room to keep it versatile. A coffee table and side tables set along with elegant storage cabinets gives you a variety of decoration options. Use them to showcase decorative art pieces that reflect your vibrant personality!


Your dreams are so vivid that they tend to come true. And your friends ask you how you manage to be high all day! As a sensitive and energetic soul drawing energy from your environment, you need your me-time to refresh and gain strength.

Naomi Home Rustic Mirror
Rustic Floor Mirror by Naomi Home

Your home is the manifestation of your rich inner world. A bohemian décor would give you the freedom to get creative and let loose your artistic expression. Use mood lighting, plants and flowing water around your home to create a chilled-out vibe. Choose colors that remind you of water like icy blue, soft lilacs, grays and bright green on natural wooden tones. A glider and ottoman set would let you comfortably retire to your dream world, meditate and pamper your soul. Let it flow and the world would soon understand your extraordinary ideas and philosophies.


Use these home décor suggestions for your zodiac signs to transform your life. Make your home an extension of your unique personality and style.

Buckle Up!! It’s a fun voyage and you’ll live every moment to the fullest!