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Pregnancy Body Pillow: Factors to Consider Before Buying a Maternity Body Pillow

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If you are a pregnant woman, then you need to make sure that you get adequate sleep every night. You should also make sure that you sleep deep and comfortable without any disruptions. In order to make sure that you sleep well, you need to be using the right mattresses and pillows. It is highly recommended that pregnant women use maternity body pillows instead of normal pillows. Here are some things you need to consider while choosing a pregnancy body pillow.

Size is a prominent factor which needs to be considered while choosing a pregnancy body pillow. Fortunately, these body pillows are available in a wide variety of sizes. The place where you will be sleeping every day will determine the size of the pillow which you will be buying. Since it is a body pillow, you need to know the size of the bed before shopping for the pillow. The number of people sleeping in the bed along with you would also play a role in determining the size of the pillow. Also, you need to have a safe storage place for the pillow when you are not using it. If you are planning to take the pillow along with you when you travel, the size should be such that it should be easy to carry along.

The shape of the maternity body pillow also plays a key role. You need to know which part of your body needs maximum support while sleeping. So, the shape of the pillow that you choose should be such that it provides more support to those parts of your body which need comfort. Pregnant women need to take care of their back a lot more. They are more prone to back pain. Hence, every body pillow for pregnant women should be shaped such that it provides maximum support to the back region. Apart from that, if you feel it should provide more support to any other part, you need to choose accordingly. The way you sleep also needs to be considered while choosing the shape of the body pillow. For example, you can choose a wedge-shaped pillow or a U-shaped one if you tend to sleep on your sides more often than not. If you tend to sleep on your back more often, then a body pillow which is J-shaped would be more suitable.

The material used to make the maternity body pillow is another vital factor which you must consider before buying one. Maternity body pillows with different kinds of fillings are available for purchase. Choosing the pillow with the type of filling which would suit your body type and desired comfort level is important. The hypoallergenic properties and the firmness of the material used in the pillow matter a lot. Some of the commonly used materials for making pillows include memory foam, synthetic fiber, kapok fiber, wool, feathers, high density foam, micro-beads etc. If you are allergic to any of the material type, then you need to avoid pillows made of the material. You might also want to consult your doctor to find out if you have to avoid any particular material. Pillows made of synthetic fiber are known for their durability and comfort. But, some people say that synthetic fiber is not good for health. Memory foam is the material which is mostly used for making pillows and mattresses. However, the hypoallergenic property of memory foam may act as a deterrent for some people. Pillows made of feathers can be comfortable too. But, they can cause allergic reactions in some people.

Budget is another factor which may determine what kind of pregnancy body pillow you buy. Pillows made of synthetic fibers are not that expensive as compared to those made of memory foam. If your budget is a concern, then you may go for synthetic fiber pillows as they are still good at providing comfort. However, you may first want to consult with your doctor. If you are fine with paying more money for a good maternity body pillow, then you can go for a memory foam body pillow. Of course, size of the pillow also determines the price. Larger ones cost more than the smaller ones.

It is important to pay attention to warranty details of the pregnancy pillow that you buy. You would want the pillow to be durable. The warranty covering the product should be long enough and comprehensive to protect your purchase. On that note, the brand from which you buy matters a lot. It is always better to go for a trustworthy brand such as Naomi Home to buy a maternity body pillow. Naomi Home’s cozy body pillow is one of the best selling products which is perfect for pregnant women.