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Zero Gravity Chairs and their Health Benefits 

Zero gravity chairs are comfortable recliner chairs which have become quite popular these days and rightly so. They are highly beneficial to the human body. Here is an overview of some of the advantages of using  zero gravity chairs.

Lungs are one of the most vital organs in the body which are responsible for the circulation of oxygen inside the body. If lungs are not functioning well, it can severely affect the breathing ability of a person. Zero gravity chairs greatly help improve the functioning of your lungs. The diaphragm is the organ which determines how efficiently your lungs function. When you sit in a zero gravity chair, you will be in the best breathing position wherein your diaphragm would expand and contract in an optimal manner. When your diaphragm operates properly, it would help in proper expansion of your lungs which would then be able to draw a good amount of oxygen. Your lung capacity would improve a lot.

Zero gravity chairs help improve blood circulation in your body. When you are sitting in a normal chair or even when your standing, your heart has to put in a lot more effort to pump blood throughout your body. The reason for this is that the pumping pf the heart happens against the gravity in such regular sitting or standing positions. When heart pumps blood against the gravity, the stress on your heart will be a lot more than normal. But, when you are sitting in a zero gravity chair, your sitting position would be such that your heart pumps blood in an effortless manner since it doesn’t have to work against the gravity. 

When you are sitting in regular chair, your sitting position may not be suitable for the muscles in your body. Your muscles can become sore very soon. When you are relaxing in a zero gravity chair, your body can experience a floating sensation which is beneficial for the muscles in your body. Since the air circulation and blood circulation in the body would be good, it would turn help in the relaxation of your body’s muscles, especially the ones in your legs and back. If your muscles are sore, relaxing in this chair would help your muscles recover faster.

If you have chronic back pain problems, then resting in a zero gravity chair would greatly help in easing your back pain. Even if you do not have chronic backache issues, sitting in a regular non-ergonomic chair for long periods of time would put too much of stress and strain on your spine. In some cases, it can even cause irreparable damage to your spinal cord. When you are sitting in zero gravity position, there would be equal distribution of pressure throughout your body. There won’t be concentration of pressure on your spine. This helps in the decompression and elongation of your spinal cord which would never get damaged. Since your spine would be in a curved position as it was meant to be, regeneration of the muscles in the lumbar region would happen faster.

People working desk jobs in offices do not realize that they are putting too much strain on their neck. A strained neck region can lead to sore shoulders. Sitting in a zero gravity chair means that there would be a lot less pressure on your neck and shoulders since it would be evenly distributed throughout your body. The muscles in your neck and shoulder region would be healthy and strong.

Nowadays, individuals go through a lot of stress in their lives due to various reasons such as peer pressure, bad posture, unhealthy eating habits and lifestyle. Stress is considered as a silent killer which can lead to more serious disorders. Stress is particularly harmful for mental health. It can even lead to depression. Sitting in zero gravity chairs can help alleviate your stress after a long day at work. The floating sensation that you experience when you are sitting in this position is mainly responsible for alleviating your physical and mental stress. Getting massaged in this position adds to the relief from stress since the serotonin levels would be high. When you get back to work the next day, you may feel a lot more relaxed and in a healthy frame of mind.

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