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Color Therapy based Home Décor for Well-being and Happiness

Think of a color that you associate with fun and happiness… Now think of the color that reminds you of sadness and anxiety… Like most people, you likely thought of very different colors when answering these two questions. This association of colors to moods works both ways and color therapy is a popular approach to improving happiness and well-being by using colors. To make you happier, your home décor should have the colors that you associate with happiness. Similarly, colors that make you sad should be removed or balanced with others that trigger a different emotion.

Color Therapy and its Impact on Room Decoration

Across the ages and cultures around the globe, colors and their symbolism have been used in different facets of life. By understanding the association of a color with a feeling, you can modify elements of your home décor and individual room decorations to set the mood you want for that room. You can use individual colors or combinations to customize the wall décor, ceilings, furniture in the room and the floor to create the desired effect.

Here’s a look at the top 5 commonly used colors, what each of the colors means and how you can use one or more colors for your room decoration.


Ivory in your home is associated with luxury and projects an image of immense prosperity across cultures. It would beautifully accentuate classical and traditional interior styles like Scandinavian and English themed decors. Ivory is versatile and combines well with pastels and contrasting saturated colors as well as warm and cold shades. With a variety of shades like sand, apple flesh, linen, ivory would make your house decoration look welcoming and cozy.  Ivory on wall décor visually expands the space and brightens a room when there is not enough natural sunlight. Add a full-length wall mirror to amplify the effect of your living room colors and make it even more expansive.

Color therapy based home décor for well-being and happiness; Ivory sofaset; Sofaset by Naomi Home


Living room paint ideas based on gray are very popular and have been showcased by many celebrities in their homes. Choose almost any shade of gray and you cannot go wrong! You can use this versatile color to deliver a personal statement with its soft and organic feel. Lighter versions of gray are classic shades that can bring a sense of calm and rejuvenation in your bedroom. Create a clean and open feel with a contemporary touch in your kitchen by alternating gray shades with white. Gray accents on a white background in some chromotherapy based designs almost always create a very distinguished and elegant feel. Go for a gray futon sofa in a room with white wall paint for that aura of refined sophistication. Keep the gray tints subtle and impress your visitors with a dignified home decor that conveys authority.

Color therapy based home décor for well-being and happiness; mirror, accent mirror


Want a calming effect to bring down your stress levels? Go green! As the most pleasing color for your eyes, green as the primary home décor shade would create a sense of harmony, balance and comfort.  Green is versatile and you can use it for different purposes in different rooms. Cool things down in your kitchen or unwind by yourself or with friends and family on a luxurious green couch and sofa set in your living room. Green is also believed to improve fertility and you can keep it among the top options for bedroom paint colors for one of the walls. Indoor plants on a coffee table and side tables set is an additional way to add greenery to the interiors.

Color therapy based home décor for well-being and happiness


As the most popular color, blue provides interesting contrasts, as it has different impacts on you based on the shade used. Lighter shades of blue can help you calm down and get some relaxing sleep, while darker shades have the opposite effect. Use parts of a wall or alternate with lighter shades like white for making the best out of blue. Blue can also combine with other colors in parts of rooms to create eclectic design patterns. You can use blue furniture to encourage spontaneous thinking and ingenuity in children while toning down hyperactivity. The key is to balance it out when you use blue on a wall, by using brighter shades for fabrics and upholstery like a white-colored sofa set.

Color therapy based home décor for well-being and happiness


Brown, the earthy solid color adds a natural charm to your interiors and some excitement to an otherwise simple room. It projects warmth and is often described as down-to-earth, conventional yet sophisticated. The color Brown on a white or gray wall can add a cool and contemporary edge to a dining space. Mix modern art with brown and alternate with lighter shades like cream to make your bedroom feel energetic & simplistic. Color a wall brown and place a white-colored couch in front to up the luxury quotient.

Color therapy based home décor for well-being and happiness

When you use color therapy to create interior decorations that reflect your personality, your home décor looks beautiful and brings the best out of you.

“Life is full of colors and you are the artist with the palette to make it happier.”

Go ahead…Make a splash!